Frequently Asked Questions

Playlists created by "Batch Processing" are sometimes empty... why?

This issue is fixed in version 3.6 on Nov/3/2014

If a playlist contains at least one song stored in iCloud, the whole playlist becomes empty.

There are two workarounds:

- Avoid selecting songs stored in iCloud. To make things easier, you can sort songs by "iCloud download" (Cloud icon) column on iTunes.
- Download all the songs stored in iCloud to your local drive.

(Troubleshooting on Aug/31/2014)

Lyrics are not saved into iTunes... Why?

There are two possible reasons:

- The music file is stored in iCloud.
- When listening to internet streaming radio stations.

Autosave feature/Save button only works when the song is stored in your local drive.

(Troubleshooting on Apr/14/2014)

Is it free?

Yes. Please leave some comments on the Comments page. Your feedback is the best source of motivation for software development.

How can I install it?

Firstly, download Singer Song Reader from here.

Uncompress the downloaded file, then drag the Singer Song Reader icon to the Applications folder.

How to use it?

For automatic search

1. Launch Singer Song Reader and iTunes.

2. Play radio/music on iTunes.

That's all. Lyrics will be searched and shown automatically on Singer Song Reader's window.

When the song or radio station is changed, lyrics will be automatically re-searched.

For manual search

1. Type song title and artist name in the top part of Singer Song Reader.

2. Click on the Search icon or simply press Enter key.

Does it work with any iTunes Radio station?

Not yet... Song information (song titles and artist names) are not provided by some Radio Station. Singer Song Reader needs song information in the following format which is supported by most radio stations(*):

Format: Artist - Title

Example: Michael Jackson - Heal The World

*In my brief reasearch, 79 stations out of randomly chosen 100 stations under Adult Contemporary category support the format mentioned above.

(version 2.2) When the information doesn't meet the format, Singer Song Reader searches with any information provided by the radio station. The result can be irrelevant but more stations can be supported this way.

Does it work with music tracks as well?

Yes. Although it is designed mainly for radio use but it also works with music tracks and video clips if the song title and the artist name information are embedded.

(version 2.2) Minimum information required for the automatic search is the song title (file name).

Can it show embedded lyrics?

Yes (version 2.1 and later). Singer Song Reader displays embedded lyrics if available, and searches online only when they are not available.  

What is the color code for the small square-shaped indicators?

iTunes indicator (top-right)

 Green Song information is provided from the radio station.
 Gray iTunes is not playing or is not launched.
 Yellow Song information is not provided from the radio station. In this case, automatic lyrics search is not triggered.
 Red Singer Song Reader cannot communicate with iTunes.

Lyrics indicator (top-left)

 Green Lyrics is found.
 Gray Lyrics is not found.
 Yellow Case 1: Lyrics search exceeded the timeout interval configured on "Preference" page under "Singer Song Reader" menu.
 Case 2: Error occurred during lyrics analysis process.
 Red Singer Song reader cannot connect to the lyrics sites or the lyrics sites are temporarily out of service.

Indicator for each lyrics site (bottom)

The same as "Lyrics indicator (top-left)"

How can I uninstall it?

Move the Singer Song Reader icon from the Applications folder to the Trash.