Born for Language Learning.

This software was developed to help learning foreign languages.

Thank you for stopping by my site.

I am Japanese and I work as a translator so learning foreign languages is a major part of my work.
I believe, and maybe you do too, that music is one of the best ways to learn a language,
and a wide variety of songs and lyrics are available online today.

I've been listening to iTunes Radio almost everyday to improve my listening comprehension skills...
Searching lyrics quite often to check if what I hear is what the lyrics say...

But I find it rather distracting to search for lyrics while listening to music
It tends to take my focus away from the song.

I decided to develop this software in order to be able to concentrate more
on the music rather than on trying to find lyrics. 
After a few months of hard work and sleep deprivation, the first version is finally ready.

I hope this software will help other foreign language learners, music lovers and yourself.
While listening to the radio, there is no need for sitting in front of the computer.

Away from the keyboard.

Let us be a singer, a song reader and even a dancer!

Thanks again.